Changing World: eSIM

January 30, 2022 A few weeks ago, I wanted to activate my iPad’s cellular service since I was going to be traveling. It already had a physical SIM card that I had installed when I first got it, so I figured it would just be a matter of reactivating that card. That was not possible. […]

Changing World: Audiobooks

November 21, 2021 I love books. Growing up in rural Portugal, books were hard to come by. We didn’t have expansive libraries and purchasing books was costly. I would save and save in order to buy a single title. Fast forward to today, I am fortunate enough to be able to indulge in this passion […]

Changing World: Online Real Estate

June 13, 2021 When I was a kid, my parents sold their small apartment to move to a bigger house that could house my baby sisters. This was a labor of love, an emotional roller coaster and a constant stress on our family. I remember them going line by line cost cutting, negotiating the cost […]

Changing World: e-Bikes

March 28, 2021 When I was allowed to move around my neighborhood without adult supervision, I had a pecking order for modes of transportation. If I could, I would take a ride in a cab or with a friend. A motorbike would also help, but my parents weren’t fans. If there was no need to […]

Changing World: Edge Computing

January 3, 2021 I first experienced latency when I moved to the US and called my family back in Europe. The one to two seconds between when I spoke and they heard my voice seemed like an eternity. It led to some awkward silences and to having both sides speaking at the same time. Luckily, […]

Changing World: Purpose Shopping

December 27, 2020 In the late 70’s and early 80’s social activism ran high in Portugal. I have early memories of adults declaring they wouldn’t buy from company A or company B because it conflicted with this or that value / belief. Since then, that type of attitude has been rare. This started to change […]

Changing World: Solar

December 20, 2020 When I first heard of Solar Energy I was 10. My uncle had just installed a solar panel in his roof and it seemed like a magical idea to me: free energy from the sun! After being educated about the high capital costs with low (and intermitent) energy yield I was forced […]

Changing World: Work From Anywhere

December 13, 2020 I’m sure most, if not all, of us were sent packing home to work earlier this year. As a business owner I was concerned that productivity might suffer with the change to remote work. Additional noise and less professional space were not reassuring. The ability to sustain, or even increase, productivity with […]

Changing World: Energy Storage

December 6, 2020 My first contact with stored energy was watching people walking around with portable radios on the street in the early 80’s. At that time, I got battery operated toys. Either due to poor battery quality or my extreme enthusiasm playing with them, I was always surprised how fast the batteries ran out. […]

Changing World: Gaming Broadcast

December 6, 2020 Although people have been cutting the cord for a few years now, they haven’t reduced their video consumption. A lot of those entertainment hours have migrated to online TV streaming services. However, a new form of video entertainment has also emerged: gaming broadcast. This form encompasses both live and recorded streams of […]