Large Fundraising is not Value Creation

August 2021 Large Fundraising is not Value Creation In your daily reading you may have noticed an increase in the number and amount of venture fundraising for startups and early-stage companies. Not long ago, a venture capital fund with more than 1 billion USD was a rarity. No more. There are now quite a few […]

The Short Game

July 2021 The Short Game The Short Game In the last year we have focused on significantly upgrading our short book and our short investment process. We are seeing good early results. We are getting more and more ideas that return more than 10%, which means the stock declines 10% or more from the average […]

Playing the Long Game

June 2021 Playing the Long Game At Somar we are very bullish on the impact of technology and innovation in the lives of consumers around the world. We have written about this in previous letters and in our fortnightly Sunday e-mails. The advent of the internet, augmented by the high penetration of smartphones, means we […]

Somar Turns 5!

May 2021 Somar Turns 5! It has been five years since Somar launched. We are just getting started and we believe that we can do better in the next five years than we did in the previous five. This is not wishful thinking. This conviction rests on five major improvements we experienced in the past […]

The Invisible Giants

April 2021 The Invisible Giants One of my daughters’ favorite books was “The BFG” by Roald Dahl. It tells the story of a group of giants that would come into the city at night and spread mayhem. People could see their impact but would not know who caused it. One of the giants is friendly […]

Somar Team

March 2021 It is probably not too presumptuous of me to assume that you, like all of us, are eager to get back to normal social life and meet people face to face. Finance can sometimes become too impersonal. The roots of the business though, could not be more personal. People traded under a tree […]

Eclairs and Investment Management

February 2021 Éclairs and Investment Management I have a sweet tooth. Back in Portugal, my family used to buy pastries for big events, and I binged shamelessly on éclairs. Some were better than others, but I never found an éclair I refused… Moving to the US, I missed not only the family gatherings, but the […]

Thoughts on SPACs and Cryptocurrencies

January 2021   Somar Thoughts on SPACs As you may be aware there has been a strong explosion of fundraising for Special Purpose Acquisition Vehicles (SPACs) over the past year. This has continued into 2021: more than 70% of capital raised in IPOs in 2021 so far were from SPACs (see figure 1).   Fig. […]

What to Expect for 2021

December 2020   Quick observation on 2020 performance We are pleased with the 2020 performance. While encouraging, I would advise our investors not to expect this as the new normal. We are hungry and building our capabilities to beat last year’s performance, but we also need to keep realistic expectations. We should not expect our […]

2020 Year in Review

November 2020   2020 Year in Review This is a year we will not forget. The extreme unforeseen events of 2020 bring valuable lessons. These are the main lessons we took away from this year.   Digital transformation is a must have, not a nice to have Coming into the year, some of our larger […]