A Personal Story – April 2017

A Personal Story

My dad is a medical doctor. He started his career in a hospital, working all night at the emergency room.
His passion was serving as a community doctor. Therefore, when I was 10, he moved our family to the
Portuguese countryside and built his practice there. Every day he put in long hours: leaving home by daylight
and coming back for dinner at around 8PM. Most nights, he would see patients after dinner at our house and
occasionally he drove at night to do domicile consultations. He built a stellar reputation: one of my
schoolmates’ family told me that my father saved the life of his grandfather. It is hard to overstate how
proud I am of him.

My dad taught me the value of hard work and of striving to be the best you can at your craft. As a normal
boy, I wished my parents would give me a computer or a guitar. They always provided for my basics but
made me earn for my extra-curricular “toys”. So routinely, I took part-time jobs to gather the money needed
to buy them.

One night after dinner, a patient called my dad. His mother was feeling very sick and he needed my dad to
see her. I asked my dad to go with him. The house was far, on top of a mountain with no public illumination.
The night was cold and the road was quite bumpy, filled with potholes. After 20 adventurous minutes we
arrived. My dad tended to the patient, a very poor old lady. On our return, I reminded my dad that I was two
thousand Portuguese escudos (the equivalent of 10 euros) short of the price of the guitar I wanted to buy.
Could he give me the money he got from this visit? He told me, “Pedro, this is a very poor family. They
can’t pay for my services. But they needed a doctor now and I had to come serve them. A doctor’s job is to
bring people back to health.”

This made a profound impression on me. After a full day of hard work, on a cold winter night, rather than
staying at home after dinner and relaxing, my dad generously got out to serve a person in need. And he
didn’t charge a single cent. In fact, he had to pay for gas. He did this out of the generosity of his heart. But
he didn’t see it that way. He believed that his calling was to be a doctor, and the talents he was given were
to be put to the service of the community, regardless of ability to pay. He set for himself the highest
professional standards as a doctor. And he saw that calling as a blessing.

I wanted to follow in his footsteps but medicine wasn’t my calling. The sight of people in pain and bleeding
is hard for me and doesn’t allow me to perform at the peak. My calling is to assist people and institutions in
building and establishing a legacy. That is why I founded Somar Capital. I believe people and institutions
should be able to take control of their financial destiny, dream big and fund those dreams by relying on a
high return on their savings for decades to come. I believe they should be able to plan beyond normal human
life expectancy and build legacies that will benefit generations to come. My family and I have benefitted
from legacies from Mr. Andrew Carnegie (New York Public Library) and Mr. George Baker (Harvard
Business School) to name just a few. I’m inspired by them.

To fulfill this vision, the team has built Somar with the same highest professional standards that my dad
used to build his practice. We are humbled by the trust you put in us and we come to work every day
determined to be worthy of that trust. Our guiding values are: Honest, Humble and Hungry1.
We look for high returns by partnering with extremely attractive businesses that have a superior value
proposition to offer their customers. We look for businesses can sustain their superior customer proposition
over time and have only penetrated a fraction of their target customers. This allows them to grow and build
shareholder value at high rates regardless of the macro-economic cycle.
* * *
A few months ago, my dad approached me to invest his life savings in Somar. He said: “I can’t think of any
better place to put my savings”. Humbled by his confidence and conscious of the weight of this
responsibility I accepted. In addition, I invested my daughters’ savings in Somar. We have three generation
of the Ramos family fully aligned with you, our investors. We look forward to seeing you succeed and
playing our part in funding your aspirations for this and future generations.

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