Inherent Value – January 2019

Inherent Value We decided to focus this month on going deeper on the performance of our long investment portfolio, which generated a large drawdown at the end of 2018. While every month we report to you the precise mark-to-market value of your portfolio, that return doesn’t necessarily reflect the inherent value being created by our […]

Expectations for 2019 – December 2018

Expectations for 2019 The strong market correction of the last months of 2018 was punishing to our reported return in the year. But it didn’t distract us from our mission: to find and buy consumer businesses offering significant upgrades to consumer value propositions at attractive prices and short their competitors with inferior consumer offers that […]

Looking Back and Forward – November 2018

Looking Back and Looking Forward This month the team has decided to share our thoughts on the year through a video. You can find it following this link: