Changing World: Electronic Payments

May 26, 2019 The substitution of cash and checks by electronic forms of payment is not an emerging trend. In fact, it started in 1958. What is notable is the strong growth and business opportunities still created by this trend more than 50 years later. The figure below shows that as of 2017, 40% of […]

Focus on the End Game

April 2019 Focus on the End Game In celebration of our upcoming 3rd anniversary, this month we look at the second pillar of Somar’s mission (Fig. 1). *** In our experience we have found that a long-term focus is an advantage. Some public investors use high amounts of leverage and have a short-term investment thesis […]

Changing World: Private Label

May 19, 2019 Warren Buffett is widely credited of being one of the best investors that has ever lived. It was therefore, shocking for many to see his investment in Kraft Heinz decline by about 2/3 from the low $90s per share to the low $30s per share. While many factors were at play in […]

Changing World: Drones

May 12, 2019 In December 2013, Jeff Bezos unveiled on CBS’ 60 Minutes Amazon’s research around using drones for deliveries. At the time, this was widely dismissed as a promotional stunt with no practical application. No one is laughing now. On April 2019, Google became the first drone operator to receive US government approval to […]

Changing World: Plant-Based Foods

May 5, 2019 For the past several years, I’ve adopted a meat-free diet. The main reason – health. Red meat now only makes a rare appearance in my diet during vacations and holidays. I’m far from the only one making such lifestyle changes. People have been incorporating more and more plant-based foods into their diets […]

Changing World: Smart Speakers

April 28, 2019 A few years ago, I bought a new product Amazon was launching called Echo. It was a tall cylinder that came with few instructions. After connecting it to the internet, my daughters and I started conversing with it and got our first experience of an always-on, internet connected smart speaker. We have […]