Changing World: Cyber Security

June 30, 2019 In these e-mails, we tend to focus on life improvements powered by technological innovation. But we should also be mindful that technology adoption opens up new opportunities for criminal activities. Most of us receive frequent spam or even scam phone calls and phishing e-mails. A lot of us have also been victim […]

Changing World: Podcasts

June 23, 2019 For centuries people have shared story and ideas through the spoken word. Growing up I used to tune in to weekly radio shows: one from the current president of Portugal who made a review of world events and recommended new books; and another from a spiritual and personal growth teacher I had. […]

Changing World: Health Care Admin

June 16, 2019 Close to 1 out of every $10 spent on Health Care is used on administrative tasks. This is a clear outlier around the world (see figure). It also creates attractive opportunities for entrepreneurs that are able to use new tools (such as smartphones, cloud and marketplaces) to significantly reduce this spend while […]

Changing World: Online Classifieds

June 9, 2019 I remember as a kid, seeing my parents buy several newspapers on the weekend and going through the classified sections looking for a car or a house. Each ad had limited information and truncated words as advertisers were charged by line. My parents would circle the most promising ads and spend the […]

Changing World: Direct to Consumer

June 2, 2019 There is an ongoing proliferation of new innovative brands that develop, test and sell their products directly to the consumer bypassing the traditional brick and mortar retailing route. They are also smart about their marketing and ad spend, eschewing traditional mass market TV campaigns in favor of targeted grassroots marketing. In many […]