Changing World: Smart Thermostats

July 28, 2019 Last weekend, New York City experienced a heat wave with temperatures nearing 100F (38C). The temperatures warranted refrigerator-like conditions indoors. Of course if you actually stepped outside, you would need to keep air conditioning running in your absence in order to be comfortable upon return. In such a situation, smart thermostats which […]

Changing World: Speed of Adoption

July 21, 2019 Growing up in Portugal in the early 80’s, my memories feel like a period documentary from a world and lifestyle long gone. News came once a day.  Foreign countries were large mysteries to us. Each family member’s whereabouts would be planned and communicated in advance. Dining out was only for special occasions. […]

Changing World: Urban Mobility

July 14, 2019 Since I moved to NYC more than a decade ago, my commute has changed over time. I started using taxis that while fast, were quite expensive. Then I tried walking, which while cheap, made the commute quite long. I moved to buses and subways that weren’t much faster than walking and had […]

Changing World: Employee Funded Healthcare

July 7, 2019 As the cost of healthcare continues to grow in the US, employers are asking their employees to shoulder more and more of the financial load. This is implemented through both higher deductibles and higher co-pay plans. (see figure).     One product that is helpful in reducing the total burden for employees […]

Somar Turns 3!

May 2019 We are excited to celebrate our 3rd anniversary this month. It has been a good journey. We keep learning and improving every month. I have strong conviction that our best days are ahead. The team prepared a short video with their thoughts on our anniversary. Please check it out: On a personal front, […]