Changing World: Digital Home Fitness

September 29, 2019 I have not stepped foot in a gym in a number of years. The main reason – time. Juggling long hours working and spending quality time with the family meant I needed to save precious minutes wherever possible. Trekking to a gym, working out, showering, and then heading to the office or […]

Changing World: Passive Investing

September 22, 2019 It is ironic that even though Somar focuses on partnering with disruptive entrepreneurs, Somar as a business has been under pressure from a secular change towards lower cost, passive investing. This week, for the first time on record, the amount of assets managed by Index Funds surpassed those managed by actively managed […]

Changing World: Vertical Farming

September 15, 2019 My great-great-grandfather was a major farmer north of Portugal. Some of his farms passed on to my grandfather. As a very young boy, I remember seeing the milk from our cows being dropped on the breakfast table early in the morning. My grandfather also allowed me to collect the grapes he used […]

Changing World: Music Streaming

September 8, 2019 Like many of you, I am passionate about music. It is no surprise then that I clearly remember my parents’ vinyl ABBA album in our living room when I was barely able to speak. Growing up, I would save my allowance to buy vinyl albums I loved. When I was old enough […]

The Short Book

July 2019 The Short Book After pausing for a couple of months to celebrate our anniversary and provide an update on the inherent value creation of our portfolio, we complete our discussion of Somar’s mission this month by talking about our short book, our third pillar (Fig. 1). The short book adds alpha to our […]

Changing World: Pet Retailing

September 1, 2019 A wise man once told me that our grandparents’ dogs lived in the backyard, our parents’ in the living room and in our generation, dogs sleep in the bedroom. That growth in pets’ living standards has been paralleled by the growth in products devoted specifically to their nutrition and well-being. It is […]