Changing World: Electric Vehicles

October 27, 2019 One of my fondest father /son memories is going with my Dad to the first Formula 1 race in Portugal. The speed, noise, smell and energy captivated me. The boldness and drive of Ayrton Senna, a rookie, capturing the 3rd fastest time with a far inferior car made him my childhood idol. […]

Changing World: Gaming Everywhere

October 20,2019   In my high school years, my favorite activity every time a teacher missed class was to run to an arcade to play Tetris. I was obsessed with the game and would find myself picturing moves on how to put the pieces together before going to sleep. When I went to college, the […]

Changing World: Carbon Reduction

October 13, 2019 I grew up in an industrial region north of Porto, Portugal where the main industry was textiles. In the 1980’s there were no environmental standards and the big river in the region (Rio Ave) was so polluted that it was actually multicolored. Even the river’s minor waterfalls produced large amounts of colored […]

Changing World: Robotic Surgery

October 6, 2019 For nearly five decades, I breezed through the part of the medical questionnaire that deals with previous surgeries and anesthesia. With no prior surgeries, there wasn’t much to say. That all changed last week when I first rushed to the emergency room and subsequently to the operating room for an emergency appendectomy. […]

IPOs: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

August 2019 The Short Book – Part 2: IPOs – Separating the Wheat from the Chaff Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) are unique landmarks in a company’s life. They gather a lot of media attention, open up liquidity for early investors and for employees, provide a currency (stock) the company can use in future acquisitions and […]