Changing World: Education

November 24, 2019 With Black Friday less than a week away, I’m sure your kids (and maybe you too) are finalizing a wish list of deals you would like to see. Maybe a new TV or Smart Speaker? Some clothes? The one area you are not likely to see deals on is on college tuition […]

Changing World: Gene Tech

November 17, 2019   Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel, made the prescient observation that the cost of computing would halve every two years. This, over the past few decades, has indeed proven to be approximately correct. Consequentially, it unleashed an IT revolution that spawned PC’s the internet, and even smartphones with computing […]

Changing World: TikTok

November 10, 2019 The internet came into my life when I was a freshman in college. I got an e-mail account at Hotmail and started exploring the world wide web. I remember my parents’ puzzled faces when I explained it to them and their dismissal as a mere curiosity with no meaningful impact on regular life. At […]

Earned Growth vs. Rented Growth

September 2019 Earned Growth vs. Rented Growth Not all growth is created equal. At Somar we distinguish between Earned Growth (EG) and Rented Growth (RG). EG occurs both when a company grows with their existing clients and / or when they take market share by offering new clients a better value proposition than its competitors[1]. […]

Changing World: Robotics

November 3, 2019 When I was a young boy, I dreamed of participating in the US Space Program. The progress made in the early 80s led me to imagine that by the year 2020 we would be exploring foreign planets with the help of advanced technology. Among the technological advances would be robots. Yet, as […]