Inherent Value Update

January 2020 Inherent Value Update This month we update the analysis of Somar’s Founder’s Class vs the inherent value created by our long portfolio (Fig. 1). The methodology was described in our letter from January 2019[1]. This update shows a continuous and even accelerating growth in the sales per share of our companies. This, however, […]

Changing World: Lifelong Learning

February 16, 2020   A Doctor, my Dad always instilled in me the importance of continuous learning. When I would complain about school work, he would show me the piles of papers he went through weekly to stay on top of the latest advances in medicine. Meanwhile at school I was mocked as a nerd, […]

Changing World: Crowdfunding

February 9, 2020 As a kid, I had a constant stream of business ideas. My cousin and I would write stories, do arts and crafts and sell them on the streets of Portugal. We always sold out, thanks to our parents’ friends and some generous souls we met on the streets. As I grew the […]

Changing World: Robotic Process Automation

February 2, 2020 Growing up I watched Charlie Chaplin’s movies and one that captivated me both because of how funny it was, but also because of the amazing critique of the human costs of the ongoing Industrial Revolution ( While the emergence of the service economy through the 20th century led to a wider usage […]