Changing World: Fixed Wireless Access

June 28, 2020 As a teenager in rural Portugal, I felt disconnected from the mainstream. No internet. No ability to drive to a store to get newspapers. The major innovation at the time was satellite TV which opened my eyes to Spanish, French, Italian and German content. Today, my experience would be different. However, for […]

Changing World: Space Business

June 14, 2020 The recent successful SpaceX transport of 2 astronauts into the International Space Station, rekindled the hopes of more progress in Space exploration for years to come. This time, space exploration will be mostly enabled and financed by the private sector. This is possible because advances in technology, including the development of reusable […]

Changing World: Subscription Boxes

June 7, 2020 As a little kid, I dreamed of getting a letter directed to me in the mail. Surprisingly, my parents dreaded getting the mail. When I asked them why, they explained they mostly received bills to pay. When times improved, my parents subscribed to Reader’s Digest magazine. Receiving that marked a fun treat […]