What to Expect for 2021

December 2020   Quick observation on 2020 performance We are pleased with the 2020 performance. While encouraging, I would advise our investors not to expect this as the new normal. We are hungry and building our capabilities to beat last year’s performance, but we also need to keep realistic expectations. We should not expect our […]

Changing World: Edge Computing

January 3, 2021 I first experienced latency when I moved to the US and called my family back in Europe. The one to two seconds between when I spoke and they heard my voice seemed like an eternity. It led to some awkward silences and to having both sides speaking at the same time. Luckily, […]

2020 Year in Review

November 2020   2020 Year in Review This is a year we will not forget. The extreme unforeseen events of 2020 bring valuable lessons. These are the main lessons we took away from this year.   Digital transformation is a must have, not a nice to have Coming into the year, some of our larger […]